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Title:DIY $100 Cheap Recording Studio For Rappers
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Samson Co1u that comes with cake walk $44

Now you need a mic stand which is $20

A Pop filter which is only $7

Acoustic Treatment $17 for 12

Uhaul Blankets $30 for 6 HUGE blankets

Command Strips to put them up $6

My video comparing a room with and without acoustic treatment

For all this it's $95 to $101 depending on if you get the Uhaul blankets or the acoustic treatment and the command strips

This prices do not include you having your computer but to be honest even super cheap $300 laptops or desktop computers have more than enough computing power to run pro tools and allow you to record yourself from home no problem.

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**Basic Home Studio Gear Set Up For Under 250:**
Focusrite Scarlett Solo that also comes with Pro Tools FREE
Audio Technia AT2020 refurbished microphone $70-100
MK-10 Microphone Boom for $20
A pop filter too
The cables for the mic to to the preamp XLR Cable 6 FT - 2 pack

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